Girls Tennis - Policies and Expectations


  1. We are part of the Chatfield Senior High School tennis program. As such, we follow: 


    the rules and regulations set forth by Jefferson County Schools


    the rules and regulations of the Colorado High School Athletic Association (CHSAA)


    the policies specified by your humble servant, Coach Campbell, as outlined in Expectations...

  2. Tournament players should be aware that you need the express written permission of the principal (CHSAA Bylaws 2100.2 and/or 2110) if you plan on participating in any non-school tennis activity or event during the high school season.  



  1. My expectations are that we will have fun! 

  2. I expect each team member to be on time for every practice and every match. When things come up that preclude this (e.g., illness, having to stay after school for a test, etc.) then it is the athlete's responsibility to contact their coach ASAP.  

  3. I expect each team member will put forth sincere effort at every practice and match that we play. Besides the physical aspect, this means respecting your teammates and your opponents. Disrespect and/or "attitude" will not be tolerated. 

  4. I will stress to every team member that we are representing Chatfield and therefore their behavior should always be beyond reproach. This means whether you are at school, away at a match or at King Soopers, you are representing the tennis team. 

  5. Team members are expected to follow the chain of command. This means that in the unlikely event that a conflict or concern arises; the person(s) involved will first try to work it out amongst themselves. Failing that, they should then speak with a team captain and finally communicate with the coach.

  6. Team members are expected to stay at all matches and support their teammates. Everyone should watch and show encouragement to their fellow teammates until the last match is complete. If a team member has to leave early for any reason, you may use a “Lifeline”. Each team member will have 3 "Lifelines" to be used at their discretion. 

  7. Team members are expected to assist the coach and team captains with certain duties when asked. Some examples of duties would be picking up balls, setting up score cards, roll-drying wet courts, cleaning up after a match, etc. 

  8. Parents, family and spectator friends are encouraged to learn basic tennis etiquette; this means everyone should abide by classic tennis sportsmanship rules. For example, you should cheer/applaud only when your athlete hits a winner or plays a great point. This also means you should not cheer when the opponent misses an easy shot or double faults. Congratulating your athletes opponent (win or lose) on a match well played is an example of Charger class and grace...  
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