Girls Tennis - General Information

  1. Practice is held from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, at the Ken-Caryl Ranch House. Matches usually take place on Tuesday/Thursday at 3:30 pm, although there are exceptions. Due to weather, matches may be rescheduled for any day of the week except Sunday.

  2. The varsity squad consists of 3 singles players and 4 doubles teams for a total of 11 members. If we have enough total participants that come out for tennis, we may have 3 squads. In that case, there is a Varsity II squad (V2) that consists of the next 11 players after the varsity squad. Junior Varsity (JV) is everyone after varsity and V2.

  3. At practice team members can expect to start out with a 5-10 minute warm-up consisting of running and dynamic stretching. This will be followed by a mix of exercises, drills and games depending on what “needs work”. We will end practice with a cool down and stretching (weather permitting). We want to instill good habits as a way of life...

  4. It is recommended that varsity athletes have an equipment bag with a minimum of 2 identical racquets, plenty of fluids, energy bars, something warm, etc. Basically, you should be prepared for cold weather and have whatever you need to perform optimally. If a player wears contacts, they should have solution/drops.

  5. Sportsmanship Rules (as established by CHSAA) will be strictly followed. For example, no swearing, no throwing rackets, etc. In a match, this will cost you a point; a second offense will cost you a game, and a third means you are disqualified.

  6. Training Rules (as established by the Jefferson County League Board of Control) will be strictly enforced. Tennis has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, drug and tobacco use. If you are caught using any of these substances, you will be suspended based on District Policy.

  7. The coaches have the prerogative to have an athlete sit out a match for any of the following reasons: if said athlete is blatantly disrespectful to a teammate or coach, is disqualified due to sportsmanship or misses a practice/match without giving notice.
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