Chatfield Girls Tennis Contract 2020
  1. I will put forth maximum effort at all challenge matches, practices and competition with other schools.

  2. I will show respect to my teammates, coaches, opponents and officials.

  3. I will not participate in any hazing, taunting or harassment of my teammates.

  4. I will attend all scheduled practices, matches and tournaments. If I am unable to attend any team function I will give the coach at least 48 hours notice.

  5. I understand basic tennis etiquette and I will exhibit good sportsmanship every time that I step on the court to represent the Chatfield Chargers.

  6. I will refrain from using profanity, vulgarity and any other offensive and/or inappropriate behavior.

  7. When competing against another school, I will stay until the end of the last match in order to support my teammates.

  8. I understand that I have 3 "Lifelines" and that these are to be used in situations where I need to leave a match early. When I do have to leave early for any reason I will notify the coach and lose one of my Lifelines.

  9. When asked by a coach or team captain I will assist with duties such as picking up balls, setting up score cards, clearing snow from tennis courts, cleaning up after a match, etc.

  10. I understand that the tennis team has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, drug and tobacco use.

  11. I understand that by violating any of the rules above that I may be penalized under the policies outlined under Coach Campbell's website, the Sportsmanship Rules (as established by CHSAA) and/or the Training Rules (as established by the Jefferson County League Board of Control).

I have read, understand and agree with the rules above and want to have a fun and enjoyable tennis experience this season!

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